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Project Access Northwest has launched its newest care coordination effort, the Health Home Program, which provides intensive, home-based, care coordination services for individuals with one or more chronic conditions. Through in-person visits at patient homes or other convenient settings, Health Home care coordinators help develop patient-centered Health Action Plans to support each individual in achieving personal goals. Continue reading

With our program’s continued growth, we’ve been busy creating new positions, promoting staff and welcoming new team members. A couple of our latest hires have added a lot of energy, creativity and good humor to the office this summer. Continue reading

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was implemented 18 months ago, she’s noticed a significant difference in the acuity of the patients being referred. Patients are healthier and are starting to get the treatment and prescriptions they need. Continue reading

In March 2015, Project Access Northwest began partnering with Swedish Emergency Services to launch Primary Link, a program for patients who need a primary care home. Primary Link will connect Apple Health (Medicaid) and uninsured emergency department patients to a primary care provider (PCP). The program will also work with patients who were seen at the Country Doctor Community Health Centers (CDCHC) After-Hours Clinic and do not have a primary care provider. Continue reading