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Your gift can be life-changing.

Could you come up with $100,000 to save your life? That's the challenge our patient Ruth was facing.

It was a big thing for me that someone actually cared… They saved my life! … It showed me that people don’t have to stop their dreams because they don’t have money.

Through our Premium Assistance Program, Raymond's family managed to get coverage just in time.

“Without the program, we would have lost our home,” explains Mary. Without insurance, the couple would have owed the hospital $80,000—an impossible debt for a family living below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Janelle had no health insurance and no resources to address her health concerns. When pain in her chest intensified, and she knew she needed help.

“I don’t know what I would have done… I would have ended up at great risk, and something worse could have happened. I didn’t have money or insurance. It would have been chaos for me. I could have died.”

Memorial and honorary gifts

If you wish to make your gift in honor or memory of someone special, please use the "Donate Now" button above and then add your instructions in the note field as you make your gift. This field is labeled "We welcome your comments." Alternatively, you can email instructions to Michael Welke. Thank you!

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If your employer matches gifts, ask Human Resources for a Gift Match form. Some are completed online.

If a paper form is used, please complete the donor information and send the form to:

Project Access Northwest
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EIN (for tax purposes): 20-437792

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Here's why sponsors, donors and volunteers support Project Access Northwest:

We offer innovative solutions to complex problems.

For more than a decade, we have teamed up with community partners and sponsors to remove the barriers and increase access for all to medical and dental services. In an ever-changing health care environment, our core competence in care coordination remains critically important — and an important element of all our programs. We constantly evolve to meet the needs of patients.

We save health care dollars.

By ensuring that a specialist sees a patient with the right paperwork, diagnostic imaging and lab reports, we create an efficient visit, maximizing the use of a specialist’s time. We often hear from providers that they wish all patients were managed as well as Project Access Northwest patients.

By helping patients find care in a provider’s office instead of a hospital emergency room, we help improve efficiency, lower costs and improve patients’ continuity of care.

By enabling patients to continue their insurance coverage through premium assistance, we help them continue to access the care they need while helping hospitals manage their charity care

A recent study of our gastroenterology patients revealed that $325 in care coordination returns $3,480 in treatment—a 1070% return on investment!

Our donors change lives.

Whether it’s a new hip or knee, a gastroenterology procedure, or treatment for a painful and infected tooth, providing desperately needed specialty care can change someone’s life. Patients who get they care they need are often able to return to work and take an active part in family life. Our donors help patients “get their lives back again.”

Project Access Northwest is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your financial support enables us to keep this important community service available for those in need.