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Curious about Project Access Northwest and our programs? We've collected answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

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    • What is Project Access Northwest?

      Project Access Northwest is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps provide specialty health care to uninsured and under-insured, low-income residents of King, Snohomish and Kitsap counties. Project Access Northwest depends on physicians, dentists (to qualifying Northwest Kidney Center patients), community partners and hospitals volunteering their time and services to see patients for free. Project Access Northwest offers innovative programs such as Care Coordination and Premium Assistance.


    • How do I enroll in Project Access Northwest?

      As a patient, you cannot apply directly to Project Access Northwest. Instead, you should seek a referral from your primary health care provider. If he or she determines that you need specialty care and qualify for our programs, he or she can complete a patient referral form.

      Don't have a primary health care provider? We encourage you to visit a community health center near you.

    • Who is eligible for Project Access Northwest?

      To qualify for participation in Project Access Northwest patients must meet the following eligibility criteria:

      • Patient may be uninsured or have Medicaid. Project Access Northwest does not accept referrals for patients with Medicare only.
      • A patient’s household combined income must fall at or below 300% of the federal poverty guideline.
      • Patients must be referred by their primary care provider or a hospital or emergency department. After the referral, the Project Access Northwest care coordinator will schedule an initial appointment.
      • Patients will be seen in the county in which they live. Our service area includes King, Kitsap and Snohomish counties.
    • When will I be approved by Project Access Northwest?

      Project Access will determine status of your referral when we have everything we need to complete the review. A complete referral requires a completed enrollment form, a completed referral from your primary care provider as well as supporting financial, if uninsured, and medical documentation. Generally speaking, a majority will be reviewed and a determination made within 30 days.

    • What do I do about my outstanding bill?

      Sometimes a billing error occurs and you may receive a bill. If you receive a bill, please contact Project Access Northwest at 206-788-4204 or you can fax it to us at 206-382-3507. Most times, we can simply ask that billing be “written off.” On occasion, services may not be available through Project Access Northwest and you may have to pay for the service. We can help you work with the provider to apply for charity care.

    • Who pays for the appointment?

      Our volunteer providers do not charge any money for their services. If you have Medicaid, our providers will bill Medicaid and be reimbursed. On occasion, services may not be available through Project Access Northwest and you may have to pay for the service.

    • How long will it be before my appointment?

      We cannot give a specific answer. Services provided are not urgent or emergent and we work with providers to obtain the first available appointment. If the provider’s office is booking out, your appointment will be booked out.

    • Is Project Access Northwest a medical provider group? 

      No. Project Access Northwest is not a medical provider group. Project Access coordinates specialty care with providers in the community who have agreed to you see you for your medical or dental need. Keep in mind that your primary care provider must make a referral to us.

    • Which counties do you serve?

      Project Access Northwest coordinates medical services in King, Kitsap and Snohomish counties. Additionally it coordinates dental services for Northwest Kidney Center clients who need clearance for kidney transplants.

    • ​English is not my primary language. Does Project Access Northwest offer interpreter services?

      On an individual and as-needed basis, Project Access Northwest provides interpretative services.

    • ​Is there a limit as to how long a patient can be enrolled in Project Access Northwest?

      No. The average enrollment in Project Access Northwest is approximately six months. Patients are rescreened for eligibility yearly if their specialty care is not yet complete.

    • What services are available to me through Project Access Northwest?

      Project Access Northwest can help patients access a wide range of medical care. The list of specialties will vary depending on availability of providers.

      Project Access Northwest may also cover laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging and x-rays and durable medical equipment, if donated.

      Please note that Project Access Northwest does not cover Emergency Room visits, ambulance expenses or prescription medication.


    • ​How do I refer a colleague to volunteer with Project Access Northwest?

      We welcome doctors, dentists and clinicians referring others to Project Access Northwest! In fact, that’s how dozens of our volunteer providers have joined us.

      If you have a professional colleague interested in volunteering, please call H. Scott Shurtleff, Operations Director, at 206-496-1592. OR e-mail us at, and we’ll contact your colleague to invite his or her participation.

    • ​What should I do if a patient isn’t following the compliance policy?

      Each Project Access Northwest patient signs a “Patient Responsibility” form that clearly states the patient will be unenrolled for failure to keep appointments and/or follow the provider’s instructions. Project Access Northwest will leave it to the discretion of each provider to determine if a patient is non- compliant. If you’ll communicate to us that there is an issue, we will take appropriate action.

    • ​Are there special forms I need to use for Project Access Northwest’s patients?

      There is a brief “Specialty Care Follow-up Form” to complete after each patient appointment. You will get the form to complete each time Project Access Northwest schedules a patient for a visit at your office. Fax this completed form(s) to (206) 382-3507 or (800) 579-1494. For any hospital admissions, please inform a Project Access Northwest care coordinator by calling (206) 788-4204 or (360) 579-1494.

    • What is Project Access Northwest’s pharmaceutical policy?

      The community clinics have stepped forward and committed to provide access to the lowest cost medications available to Project Access Northwest’s patients through their 340B pricing.

      Due to federal regulations, these are available only to patients who get their primary care in a community clinic or public health clinic. To obtain discounted prices on medications, Project Access NW patients must have prescriptions filled through their community health center pharmacies.

      If your office dispenses medication samples, we encourage you to provide these for Project Access Northwest patients as you would for other patients.

      For those patients needing medications for chronic conditions, the community clinics will assist them in completing the Prescription Assistance Program paperwork.

    • ​How many new patients would volunteer specialty care providers see each month?

      Specialists are asked to pledge to accept an average of two new patients per month (24/year). Each specialist determines what number of new patients per month he or she will see.

      Specialists will only see the patient for the specific referral request, and no other health issue. We ask primary care physicians to see one new patient per month and address all the patient’s primary care needs.

    Premium Assistance Program

    • ​What is Premium Assistance?

      Premium Assistance is a program of Project Access Northwest, funded by hospital systems and other partners to help ensure that low-income people have insurance that is affordable. To date, the program has served 773 households. The number served is based on the amount of funding committed to the program on a yearly basis.

      Current Premium Assistance funders include:

      • CHI Franciscan Health

      • MultiCare Health System

      • Providence Health & Services

    • How does Premium Assistance Sponsorship work?

      • A Washington state resident (not eligible for Apple Health/Medicaid or Medicare) looks for individual health insurance on the Health Benefit Exchange.

      • The individual finds the cost is a significant barrier to enrolling and cannot afford the premiums.

      • The individual is referred to the Premium Assistance program by one of the funding partners.

      • The Premium Assistance Program determines that the person is eligible and meets all program criteria.

      • Project Access Northwest staff members work with the individual to enroll. The Premium Assistance Program pays all premiums (one policy year) for the Silver Level Plan the individual chooses.

    • ​Why is Premium Assistance important?

      The Affordable Care Act requires that all people have health care insurance. Access to health care insurance helps ensure that people can get the services they need, including primary care, specialty care and other related services.

    • ​Who is eligible for Premium Assistance?

      To enroll in this program, you must:

      • Be a Washington state resident who lives at or below 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. See detailed guidelines at

      • Be eligible to purchase insurance in the Washington Health Benefits Exchange.

      • Be referred to Project Access Northwest by one of our Premium Assistance partners.

      • Share information available to the Exchange with Project Access Northwest.

      • Agree to use all eligible Tax Credits toward health care policy premium.

      • Update your eligibility information, such as income and family size, on the Exchange throughout the policy year.

      • File federal income taxes to qualify for a tax subsidy. (If married, file jointly.)