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Care Coordination

Connecting patients in need with compassionate care providers

Specialty Care Coordination is at the heart of what we do. Our care coordinators help committed patients navigate a sometimes complex health care system and connect with compassionate doctors willing to provide the services they need.

What is our Specialty Care Coordination Program?

Project Access Northwest connects un- and under-insured patients with the specialty care they need.

Who is eligible for the Specialty Care Coordination Program?

Our care coordination program focuses on patients who are uninsured or enrolled with Apple Health. We are partnering with patients who have a primary care medical provider in a safety net clinic and have a specialty health care need, but no specialty provider.

How does the Specialty Care Coordination Program work?

When a family or primary care doctor determines that the care of a specialist is necessary, a referral is made to Project Access Northwest Specialty Care Coordination.

Our intake person reviews the enrollment form for completeness. Once the referral is accepted, a registered nurse reviews that referral to determine the appropriate specialty and to ensure that all needed labs, tests and diagnostic imaging are included. The care coordinator then works with the patient to schedule the first appointment. Follow-up appointments with the same provider may be scheduled directly with the provider's office.

The patient receives:

  • Confirmation of specialist appointment
  • Transportation details, including maps, parking instructions and public transportation options when available

The specialist receives:

  • An informed and engaged patient
  • All the information needed for the patient’s care at the time of the initial visit
  • A patient who shows up for his/her appointments.

Our program proudly boasts a no-show rate of less than 5 percent, compared to the Medicaid/uninsured average of 30 percent.

Why is Specialty Care Coordination Program important?

Project Access Northwest removes the barriers to the client’s accessing care while reducing the paperwork and management burden on the specialty care provider. This enables providers to focus on care and serve a larger number of low-income patients.

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