At the 2021 virtual Leadership Circle event, board president Terri Rambosek introduced a modified mission statement and executive director Gary Renville gave some updates about the office relocation.

Changes announced at Leadership Circle event

On July 21, 2021, at the 2021 virtual Leadership Circle event, board president Terri Rambosek introduced a modified mission statement, designed to support the organization's continued evolvement and response to a changing health care landscape.

The new mission reads:

"Project Access Northwest will improve community health by connecting those most vulnerable to vital health care services.”

(Previously, the mission was: “Project Access Northwest collaborates with the health care community to open doors to medical and dental care for low-income individuals with limited access.”)

“Our tuned-up mission statement was developed so that we could in fact continue to evolve and provide crucial services within the ever-evolving landscape of health and health care needs of our community through a more focused lens of diversity, equity and inclusion,” said executive director Gary Renville.

"As we have since our founding in 2006, we will continue to partner with hospitals, providers, clinics, community members and funders to ensure that everyone has access to appropriate health care services."

Despite the Affordable Care Act, almost 800,000 Washingtonians are uninsured — an increase of almost 300,000 since 2020.

“Most of these vulnerable individuals cannot afford quality health care, meaning that both their physical and behavioral health needs go unaddressed," adds Gary. "This leads to increased health disparities and lower quality of life overall."

Our founding executive director Sallie Neillie recently wrote that our new mission provides us with plenty of room to spread our wings and grow to meet the needs of our community all while continuing to focus on vulnerable patient health care.

Office space: Old is new again

After discussing the mission statement, Gary gave an update on the move to new office space.

"We’re excited to have moved from our previous office location adjacent to Seattle First Baptist Church, back to the building in which we had our start,” he explained. "We can now be found within the same space occupied by the King County Medical Society at 200 Broadway, in the First Hill neighborhood, within sight of Harborview Medical Center."

The new office is set up to accommodate a flexible work environment in a space that is almost two-thirds smaller than our previous location and still able to accommodate a growing staff and volunteers.

Please note our new address: 200 Broadway, Suite 202, Seattle, WA 98122