Highlights from 2022 and a sneak preview of 2023

By the numbers

I want to share highlights of our work in 2022, and then preview some new opportunities headed our way in 2023.

Last year, our donors and volunteers made possible 3,108 in-person specialty care appointments and 53 virtual appointments.

Our expert care coordinators made 13,371 phone calls to support 807 clients who sought life-changing — and often life-saving — services.

We also lowered our appointment no-show rate to an impressive 3 percent!

That is a testament to the power of our Care Coordination program.

The Care Coordination difference

Our clients live at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level and are either uninsured or underinsured. These vulnerable patients often face complex challenges, with language barriers, transportation, and more. Without the support of care coordinators – who provide timely reminders, maps and instructions for public transportation, and interpretive services – this vulnerable patient population typically has a no-show rate that’s about 40% higher.

At Project Access Northwest, our proven model of care coordination reduces emergency room visits and unnecessary hospital stays, increases access to health care and health insurance, and allows our volunteer providers to deliver exceptional care efficiently — across more than 30 specialties.

But sometimes, our vulnerable patients need more than health care. Last year, Project Access Northwest joined the HealthierHere Network to collaborate more easily with social service providers. This has allowed us to connect our clients with other support services, including employment, food assistance, and housing, and then track outcomes through our shared platform.

Fundraising highlights

We capped off 2022 with some great fundraising news:

First, our partner Kaiser Permanente announced a major, three-year grant to fund our specialty care coordination for hundreds of patients in Washington.

Then, our fifth annual Strike Down Barriers to Health Care event raised more than $130,000 to help ensure every person has appropriate access to health care.

What's ahead

Now, we’re ready to take on even more in 2023.

With an initial investment of $500,000 approved in the Washington State Budget, we are ready to implement our new Pro Bono Counseling Program. One of our first tasks is to develop a provider network of pro-bono, licensed and pre-licensed counselors. Then we will connect individuals and families — those who struggle with conditions like anxiety, depression, abuse, grief, trauma and more — to the care they need.

With our proven care coordination model in place, our pro bono counselors can confidently donate time to see a client without worrying about time-consuming and cumbersome administrative tasks. Together, we will care for patients in need and also help to attract and maintain the very best behavioral health care workforce in our nation.

As you can see, there is a lot of work — and a lot of exciting opportunities — ahead. And we invite you to join us.

On behalf of our board of directors and very hard-working staff, I thank you for your support. Together, we’re changing lives.