Project Access Northwest has partnered again with Seattle University College of Nursing as a clinical rotation for three Doctorate of Nursing Practice students:

  • Noa Dunn, who is pursuing a midwifery track with the intention of working in a birthing center with other midwives and doulas;
  • Masuma Baset, who is on the Family Nurse Practitioner track with the goal of working in an outpatient clinic in primary care; and
  • Amanda Cutts, a dental hygienist now pursuing a new career as a Family Nurse Practitioner, with the specific intention of serving a small community—working closely with patients and making house calls.

During this rotation, our staff nurses will take turns as teachers, sharing their knowledge and expertise on a variety of specialties. Students learn what a typical patient chart looks like, what they should watch for in each specialty and how COVID-19 has impacted our patients. Students will also have the chance to work directly on patient referrals.