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Who We Serve and How

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Pro Bono Counseling is a compassionate and generous offering of professional counseling or therapy services specifically designed to benefit individuals facing financial constraints or limited access to mental health support, to ensure that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, has the opportunity to receive the help they deserve.

Eligibility criteria

Our services are available to those living at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Application process

  • Complete the short screening and demographic form
  • A short, confidential phone screening will be conducted by a member of our care coordination team
  • Once complete, you will be referred to a screened, “best-fit” volunteer licensed counselor.
  • A member the Project Access Northwest Care Coordination team will send you an email or give you a call with the name of you assigned counselor, for you to reach out and schedule your first appointment!

Highlights of participating in the Pro Bono Counseling program

When you engage in Pro Bono Counseling, you will receive confidential and skilled support from licensed therapists, psychologists, or counselors who willingly volunteer their time and expertise to help individuals or communities in need.

Pro bono counseling encompasses a wide array of therapeutic interventions tailored to meet your specific needs. It may involve individual counseling, group therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, or crisis intervention, depending on what best supports your well-being.

The duration and approach of pro bono counseling are determined by the therapist's expertise, your personal circumstances, and the available resources.

Through pro bono counseling, you can navigate life's challenges, enhance your mental health outcomes, and improve your overall quality of life.

Patients may now enroll themselves!

Enroll as a patient now

For more information, please contact:

Sherese D. Ezelle, LMHC, LCPC
Behavioral Health Clinical Director
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Direct: 206.489.4560 | T: 206.788.4204

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