Project Access Northwest

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Profile: Marcia M. Wharton, MD

There is a huge need… and it’s growing daily.

Dr. Marcia Wharton is a family practice physician and medical director of the Providence Everett Healthcare Clinic, which provides primary care services for the uninsured and underinsured. She serves on the board of Sound Mental Health and is a board member at Project Access Northwest. She is pictured here with Blanca Rea and baby Elexciah during their well-baby visit.

“There is a huge need for Project Access in our community. The number of uninsured patients grows daily and many of these patients seek care, either through the Emergency Department or their Primary Care provider, that requires the services of a specialist. Most of the uninsured can’t afford the recommended consultation with a specialist, let alone a necessary follow-up procedure or surgery. Project Access allows providers to refer those patients in need of specialty care directly to the appropriate specialist.

—Marcia Wharton, MD
Family Medicine
Providence Everett Healthcare Clinic

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