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Provider FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions: Providers

    • ​How do I refer a colleague to volunteer with Project Access Northwest?

      We welcome doctors, dentists and clinicians referring others to Project Access Northwest! In fact, that’s how dozens of our volunteer providers have joined us.

      If you have a professional colleague interested in volunteering, please call H. Scott Shurtleff, Operations Director, at 206-496-1592. OR e-mail us at, and we’ll contact your colleague to invite his or her participation.

    • ​What should I do if a patient isn’t following the compliance policy?

      Each Project Access Northwest patient signs a “Patient Responsibility” form that clearly states the patient will be unenrolled for failure to keep appointments and/or follow the provider’s instructions. Project Access Northwest will leave it to the discretion of each provider to determine if a patient is non- compliant. If you’ll communicate to us that there is an issue, we will take appropriate action.

    • ​Are there special forms I need to use for Project Access Northwest’s patients?

      There is a brief “Specialty Care Follow-up Form” to complete after each patient appointment. You will get the form to complete each time Project Access Northwest schedules a patient for a visit at your office. Fax this completed form(s) to (206) 382-3507 or (800) 579-1494. For any hospital admissions, please inform a Project Access Northwest care coordinator by calling (206) 788-4204 or (360) 579-1494.

    • What is Project Access Northwest’s pharmaceutical policy?

      The community clinics have stepped forward and committed to provide access to the lowest cost medications available to Project Access Northwest’s patients through their 340B pricing.

      Due to federal regulations, these are available only to patients who get their primary care in a community clinic or public health clinic. To obtain discounted prices on medications, Project Access NW patients must have prescriptions filled through their community health center pharmacies.

      If your office dispenses medication samples, we encourage you to provide these for Project Access Northwest patients as you would for other patients.

      For those patients needing medications for chronic conditions, the community clinics will assist them in completing the Prescription Assistance Program paperwork.

    • ​How many new patients would volunteer specialty care providers see each month?

      Specialists are asked to pledge to accept an average of two new patients per month (24/year). Each specialist determines what number of new patients per month he or she will see.

      Specialists will only see the patient for the specific referral request, and no other health issue. We ask primary care physicians to see one new patient per month and address all the patient’s primary care needs.