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Profile: Robert A Palmer, DO

This is where medicine and ethics intersect…

Robert Palmer, DO, is a volunteer with Project Access Northwest and a gastroenterologist practicing at The Everett Clinic in Snohomish County. He has a special interest in liver disease management and colon cancer screening.

“Subspecialty care is very difficult to come by if you don’t have insurance… it’s cost-prohibitive. This forces people to make really difficult decisions. I think this is where medicine and ethics intersect. A lot of us are really very interested in trying to alleviate suffering… It’s distressing when you know there are people not getting the care that they need simply because they don’t have the means. Project Access Northwest makes it easy to volunteer. I think the work we do through Project Access has a significant and lasting impact for patients, so it’s well worth it.”

—Robert Palmer, DO
Gastroenterology and Hepatology

The Everett Clinic

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