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Profile: Moffett Burgess, DDS

You can’t live a normal life without dental care…

Moffett Burgess, DDS practices dentistry at the Downtown Public Health Center—Dental Clinic, where she provides dental care for homeless teens and adults. Her dental assistant, Jane Crigler (shown in cover photo), coordinates patients’ specialty dentistry needs with Project Access Northwest.

“We serve a high-needs homeless population at this clinic. We do as many extractions as we do fillings… In order to get dentures the patient might need oral surgery and bone contouring beyond the scope of our clinic. Without an oral surgeon to provide this specialty dental care… there is nothing we can do for them. Thanks to Project Access Northwest and the volunteer oral surgeons, these patients can get the dental work they need. This can change their lives. You’re more likely to get a job if you’re missing a limb than if you’re missing a front tooth.”

—Moffett Burgess, DDS
Dental Clinic
Downtown Public Health Center

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