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Profile: James P. Crutcher, Jr., MD

Project Access Northwest does all the up-front work

Dr. Crutcher is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee. He was instrumental in bringing to Seattle Operation Walk USA, a national program that provides joint replacement surgery for uninsured patients. In 2013, 11 Seattle-area patients received life-changing surgery as a result of the partnership of multiple specialty providers in orthopedics and anesthesiology and Project Access Northwest.

“Project Access Northwest does all the up-front work, which makes it very easy to include a patient in your regular surgery day—it’s seamless. For me, the easy part is doing the surgery and taking care of the patient. The hard part is doing all the pre-operative medical clearance and getting everything lined up before the surgery. If we were tasked with doing all the pre-operative testing, it would be more difficult to take care of these patients. The beauty of Project Access Northwest is that all that work is done by the time the patient comes to us.”

—James Crutcher Jr., MD
Orthopedic Physician Associates

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