Project Access Northwest

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Profile: Brian P. Wicks, MD

Volunteering can have widespread, positive effects.

Dr. Wicks is an orthopedist specializing in foot, hand and ankle surgery. He is a former president of the Washington State Medical Association (2007–2008) and served at the president of The Doctors Clinic for 13 years (1999–2012).

“I think Project Access Northwest is really the essence of compassionate charity. You help patients who are interested in getting better. Maybe down the road they get a job and are more settled. Maybe they become interested in paying it forward. I think volunteering sets in motion a series of events that are good for society as a whole. The effect is felt further and wider than the individual doctor and individual patient.”

—Brian Wicks, MD
Orthopedic Hand, Foot and Ankle Surgery
The Doctors Clinic

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Dr. Wicks retired in 2017. We thank him for his strong commitment to our patients and our mission.