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Board of Directors: Laurel Lee

Laurel Lee

  • Director
  • Joined board in 2012.

Why I serve

As a managed health care executive, I am keenly aware of the access challenges that face the uninsured and underinsured people in our state. As a Project Access Northwest Board member, I am able to see firsthand how many lives have been touched as a result of the good work that Project Access does each and every day. Over the years, our core “Specialty Care Referral” program has helped thousands of people access needed medical and dental services. In more recent years, I have also appreciated the spirit of innovation and ongoing commitment to expanded access demonstrated by Project Access through its development of the Primary Link and Premium Assistance Programs. I genuinely believe in Project Access Northwest, and I am convinced that we are changing people’s lives. 

Project Access helps some of the most vulnerable members of our community access needed health care and improve their quality of life. For years, Project Access has successfully increased access to critically needed health services by coordinating the care and linkages of people in need to a network of project access providers who willingly donate their time and services. Project Access serves as an essential “bridge” between people in need and the health care provider community.