Project Access Northwest


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Board of Directors: Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer Freeman

  • Director
  • Joined board in 2013.

Why I serve

Project Access Northwest is an important part of the healthcare communities it serves; it connects needy, disadvantage, hurting, and sometimes disheartened patients with generous, giving doctors who provide the health care services needed to make those patient lives better when patients cannot locate it themselves and/or cannot pay for the health care they need.  It means so very much to me to have an organization like this that I can be a part of; I need to know that if someone I loved who was in this situation could get connected to a giving doctor when they needed it most.  This is why I give my time.

I think it is important to have Project Access Northwest as part of our community because its presence shows that we realize there is a gap in our health care system, and people who need care most fall through that gap and sometimes get lost in “the whirl” of health care agencies, insurance companies, providers, etc.  So, Project Access Northwest gets to connect patients in “the gap” with those providers who are so generous with their time and resources to help a patient in need.  It shows that we as a community care about the people who live here, that we recognize that all of us our connected, and that we could all be in an unexpected situation someday where we need an organization like Project Access Northwest to help us to live better and with less pain.